Ease of Navigation


UI / UX : User Interface design and User Xperience design.

  • Something that looks great but is difficult to use is exemplary of great UI and poor UX.

  • While something very usable that looks terrible is exemplary of great UX and poor UI.

Navigation is very important as it allows the user to focus on his task and not get lost in the myriad forms and multiple formats. No clicking multiple ‘Enter’ and ‘escape’ buttons to go in / come out of a form.

GAINS allows multiple forms to be open at any instant and remembers the users preferences. Check out the live example below.
Wherever applicable both Detail / Summary and Tabular PIVOT views have been provided. Modern navigation controls allows the user to hone in to a birds eye macro view / or a detailed view in a couple of clicks.

UI UX are not just buzz words for us. Our approach to design and user interaction is very detailed. We strive to simplify and that is easier said than done.

This website is itself an example of great UI / UX.
It is easily navigated and works on all screen sizes (even mobiles) with touch, pinch and other actions activated -- which goes to show the attention to both UI / UX.

Check out the control below : A live example from GAINS

A common user friendly modern theme across the entire application

Multiple tabs open and live like this control which allows user to easily move between different forms within GAINS.

STANDARDS ensure that once the user is comfortable with / understands our base level thinking – he/she will be able to intuitively navigate the system.

Across GAINS we ensure :: Standard colours and fonts for a pleasing uniform look and feel.
Standard controls – their placements, look and feel.
Standard ‘Filters’ -- almost always on the left pane (which can collapse and expand).
Standards in almost everything with enough white space allowing the form to breathe.

Balance Sheet

The filter parameters on the left pane are maintained. User does not require to re-set the same when he/she re-visits the page.
Also, the form is not refreshed (state is maintained) every time the user revisits the page. In simple terms this means that no internet bandwidth is consumed and the page loads in a flash.

Profit and Loss

Navigate between BS to PL and back to BS and then to PL ; multiple times, repeatedly. Note that the forms are retained in memory. This means blazing speed and reduced internet bandwidth usage.

Trial Balance

Get a top level view or drill down to details
Grid can be expanded / collapsed to any level.