Hover the cursor on M1.   

  • Click on Group.

  • Enter the details and Save.

  • View other Groups by clicking on the Group name on the LHS.


Similarly, click on Ledger.

  • Grid will open up.The Grid shows all the created Ledgers.

  • .
  • The alphabets on the top are a fast way to navigate to Ledger.

  • Click on the Entry tab.

  • Enter the details and save.

  • Click on Sundry Dr / Sundry Cr to view all Debtors and Creditors.

  • If your Sundry debtor / creditor has an Opening Balance, you get the option to fill in the invoice details.

  • You can enter the Invoice number, Date, Supplier Invoice number etc. .

  • Please note, in case you change the OB value, the previous details in Invoice will be overwritten and all existing invoices will be lost for the particular ledger..