Invoice - Purchase / Sales

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This Voucher sub-section is used to create Invoices - Purchase / Sale with the items.

  • Hover on V and select Invoice - Pur / Sale. Vouchers open in a new window.

  • Add / verify / approve / view / link and add documents from this Module.


Creating A Voucher

  • Select date.

  • Select the Voucher type.

  • Enter details like Party name, Supplier Number, Sales Ledger.

  • You have the option of populating the Invoice from Order.

  • You would not require to enter it manually.

  • Enter the items if you are entering manually and not populating from Order.

  • Select the Forex check box for transcations in foreign currency.

  • Recent Vouchers can be seen on the LHS.

  • Verify / Approve, Audit, Documents, View, Crosslinks, Cost Center functionality are same as Accounting Vouchers.