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V Module is for creating new Vouchers.

  • Click on V on the top navigation panel. Vouchers open in a new window.

  • Add / verify / approve / audit / view / link and add documents from this Module.


If Settings of Inventory and Orders are enabled, then V has 6 sub - sections.

  • Voucher- Accounts

  • Invoice - Pur / Sales

  • Inventory - Challan / Note

  • Inventory - Material Issue

  • Inventory - Production

  • Order


  • Voucher is by default active and posted to the books of accounts.

  • If you wish to create a draft Voucher, then remove the selection from the checkbox and make Voucher In-active.

  • Then the Closing balances will not change and books of accounts will not be affected.

  • Choose the Voucher type from the dropdown menu. Keyboard shortcut key same as Tally F4.

  • Enter the date (F2) on which you are posting the Voucher. The date can be entered manually or by clicking on the blue icon of calender.

  • Enter the Cheque number and Cheque date. Cheque Number /date are not compulsory fields. Cheque # may be disabled for Journal Vouchers.

  • Enter the UTR (unique transaction record) No in the text field for online payments.

    Now enter Debit and Credit Ledgers with amount.   

    • Click on Save . Saved Vouchers can be viewed in VG (Voucher Grid).

    • GAINS auto generates Voucher Id after creation of Voucher. Ref.Code is the invoice number of your customer / client. It is applicable for payment vouchers.

    • Click on the pencil icon:

    • It will turn the box blue which shows the closing balance of the Ledgers at the end of the financial year.

    • If you click on the pencil icon again it will turn green and show the closing balance as on Voucher creation date.