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Filter option on the LHS can be used to see a specific data based on time, Voucher Type, Ledger and other parameters.

  • Choose to view the module either in compressed format or T format based on your preference.

  • To see the vouchers based on a particular Voucher type, select the check box of the Voucher type and click go. Example – Click on PYM to check all payment vouchers.

  • Click on the T format on LHS to see the transactions in an expanded form. It shows all transactions through which money comes to the company on the LHS and all the expenses on the right.

  • Filter vouchers by Groups / Ledgers by selecting the Group / Ledger from the dropdown menu or clicking on G / L besides the drop down menu and selecting the Group / Ledger from there.

  • To see the transactions between two Ledgers, type the name of both the Ledgers and click Go.

  • Filter Vouchers based on date.To see Vouchers between a particular period of time select the date and click on Go.

  • Narrow down your search by selecting the amount filter to see Vouchers of a certain amount range.

  • To see Vouchers posted by a user filter by login and you will be able to see all Vouchers posted by him.

  • To see vouchers which are linked to other Vouchers select Linked from the dropdown menu.

  • Select partially linked if you want to see the Vouchers which are not fully linked.