It is Identical to VG in terms of basic behavior.

  • It can be reached by clicking on the top navigation bar.   

  • VG is all Vouchers for a given date range (Ledger, Voucher Type).

  • Registers are Vouchers collated by Voucher Type.


Landing page of Registers gives you multiple Summaries:


  • Summary (All ledgers) – All ledgers of the selected Voucher Type with the amounts debit or credit can be seen. Also, amount of SDr / Cr consolidated can be seen.

  • Summary (All Party) – All debtors and creditors with their amount. Click on the party to see month - wise summary of the selected party.

  • Summary (Month-Wise) - Monthly summary of the selected Voucher Type.
  • Journal voucher is chosen as default on the landing page.
  • To see the SUMMARY based on other Voucher types select the voucher type from LHS Filters.

  • Can also view ledgers and Vouchers of (Sales, Purchases, and returns) by selecting them from the LHS and clicking on Go.

  • You can also view details of a Particular ledger by searching in the search bar. You can also choose the ledger my clicking on the icon and selecting from the popup.

  • In case you wish to view data for a particlular period, you can do so using the date control.

  • To execute all the applied filterm click on green arrow . To clear all applied filter, click on clear filters and then green arrow.

Click on DETAIL on the double bar to get an expanded view.

  • The DETAIL will show you all the Vouchers of the selected Voucher Type with their respective Ledgers.

  • Click on the VId to navigate to V to edit the Voucher.

  • Click on the Blue dot to have a quick view of the Voucher. It’s similar to the Blue Dot in VG and View in Voucher (V)

  • To go back to Summary click on SUMMARY on the double bar.