Ledger Print (LP)


LP provides a detailed report about account transactions. You can use the report to review transactions, verify account accuracy.

  • You can navigate to LP though the top navigation bar. LP Nav Bar

  • On landing in LP through navigation bar, you need to enter the desired ledger in the text field or click on the Ledger icon Ledger Icon and select from the popup.

  • You can also navigate to LP though QL.

    The ledger field comes prefilled with the ledger in QL. However, you can choose another ledger by entering name in the text field.

    Ledger print


Choose Report Selection Filter on LHS to view the report according to your requirement.View reports by :

  • Ledger

  • Group.

  • All Ledgers except Bank and Cash.

  • Ledgers which come under Bank and Cash.

  • Category

  • Schedule

You can also choose from various customizations such as:

  • Show / Hide Ledcode, voucher ID, Voucher type, narration, etc.

  • Whether you wish to include standard header and footer, show period of report
  • Within the header ou can also choose to show the Logo, company name nad address, etc.

You can also download the report as a PDF, Excel or Word file as well as take a print out.

Ledger print filters