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You can access the Query Group by clicking on the QG tab in the top navigation bar.  QG navbar

You can use Query Group to see details of a particular Group. It is basically the same as QL.

When you enter QG, the Bank group is selected by default.

QG navbar

If you wish to view details of another Group, you can do so using the Dropdown.

Select the desired Group and click on GO.  Green Arrow

The other way is to click on the Group list button (G) Group Icon . A list will appear with search fields.

QG navbar

You can then search using name, using alphabetical order, or even GroupCode and choose the desired Group.

You can also scroll between Groups using the arrow keys. “First – Last – Next – Prev”


You choose the date range you wish to work in, after you login in the landing page.

In Query Group, suppose you wish to see data for a particular year/month/week, you can do so using the date controls.

You can either type in the date: for example, If you type 6-11-16, the system will automatically take 6th November 2016 as the date. Press TAB, to enter the ‘to date’.

Or, you can use the date control, and choose the desired dates. Please note the dates are recognized in the DD-MM-YY format.

  • STANDARD:This is the default format in which the user sees the data. It displays the ledgers in the group along with their OB transactions & CB.

  • PIVOT Pivot shows a month-wise breakdown of transactions and closing balance. You can choose to a group or a ledger for the same.

  • You can also choose to only view records with values and also compare with another period.

QG Format