Landing Page


Once Logged in successfully, you will land on this page.

It is akin to the Gateway of Tally with similar shortcuts like F1 to change Site, F2 & Alt F2 to change Date and Period respectively, etc



A user can have access to more than one Site. The system opens the DEFAULT site and the period is set to current year by default.

On the Landing page, a user can change :

  • Click on Site name to change site. Click on the blue hyperlink in the pop up window to

  • Select the checkbox on the RHS of the site name to make the site the Default Site.

  • Change the period by clicking on Select period and click on Green Arrow to execute.

  • Click on current date to Change the Date.    

  • Besides, a logged-in user (if rights granted) can view All the people who have logged in over the last few days.

  • Can view BS+PL

  • Click on the Help and Video icons to open links to Text help files and Youtube Video Channel

  • To know about navigation in GAINS please Click here.

  • To know more about security please  Click here.