All the modules can be seen on the top Navigation bar.     TOP_BAR

Hop between forms by clicking on the relevant tab in the top bar.

  • Some tabs like the Voucher Grid (VG or Daybook); the Masters tab (M1) have sub menus.

  • If inventory is off, you will not see Invoice and Inventory Note dropdowns.

  • Number of dropdowns will differ based on Inventory settings.

ELLIPSIS is like the Gateway of Tally. Its a list of all the major forms.  

  • LHS Filters.

  • RHS Grid.

  • Toggle between Summary / Detail

  • Expand collapse LHS.

  • CF & HELP.


  • Filter option on the LHS can be used to see a specific data based on Time, Voucher Type, Ledger and other parameters.

  • Filters in different forms have different parameters based on the data displayed.

  • Filters are combination of checkboxes, dropdowns and text fields.

  • Once you have made the relevant selection, click on GO (Green Arrow) to execute them.

  • CF is acronym for Clear filter. Except for a few forms, all modules have filter option. Press CF and click on green arrow to remove filters.



Except for a few forms, all modules have Summary / Detail option on the double pane bar on the LHS.

Usually the landing page of the form takes you to the Summary page.

  • To have a detailed view of the form, click on the Detail option or Green arrow. Green_Arrow
  • Gear icon on the RHS lets you toggle between expand and collapse.

  • Some forms have Timeline on the top which ensures smooth navigation.Example - Voucher Grid.

  • The footer at the end of every form provides list of relevant tools.


GAINS is completely hyperlinked. Its very easy to drilldown from a top level view to a more detailed view with just a few clicks.

  • You can drilldown from Balance Sheet, Proft and Loss,Trial Balance to Groups and Ledgers.

  • All forms ultimately lead to QL - which inturn leads to QL[T].

  • Example :: BS       QG     QL [M]     QL [T]    //    Registers       QL [M,T]     Voucher      //     iTB     QI [T]     Voucher.

  • BLUE DOT gives a quick view of the Voucher.