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Voucher Grid is reached by clicking on the VG tab on the top Navigation bar. Voucher Grid is akin to the Day book in Tally.

Voucher Grid as the name suggests is a grid (listing) of all the vouchers which have been posted in GAINS.

The timeline on the top ensures smooth navigation. To see Vouchers posted today, you just need to click on today on the timeline.

Similarly you can see week and month-wise



If Settings of Inventory and Orders are enabled, then VG has 4 sub sections

  • Accounts Grid – or Accounting Vouchers (includes Purchase and Sales invoice). In short all vouchers which cause a change in the Ledgers’ closing balance. No change in inventory / item stock balances.

  • Inventory Grid – Delivery and Receipt Notes are displayed here.Inventory / item closing stock changes, but there is no effect on any Ledgers’ individual balance i.e. Accounts (Rs) balances stay the same.

  • Order Grid – Purchase and Sale Orders are displayed here. No effect on closing balances – either Accounts or Inventory.
  • Day book --- All transactions : Accounts + Inventory (i.e. 1+2 above). Also shows Orders.


On the Landing page of VG :

  • You will see the SUMMARY of the vouchers; the tabular representation of Vouchers posted for the log in period.

  • VG Overview  

  • To see all Ledgers with their voucher types, click on Voucher Type-Ledger on the top.

  • To see Ledgers Month- Wise, select Month-Ledger. It will show the number of vouchers of the Ledgers posted monthly.

  • Similarly click on Day – wise Summary to see the vouchers posted each day.

  • Click on the DETAIL in the double bar to see the detailed view or click on green arrow on the LHS to see vouchers in detailed format.


  • Click on Vid to navigate to V.

  • Drilldown to QL by clicking on the Ledgers.

  • Click on the BLUE DOT to have a quick view of the Voucher.

  • Export Vouchers by clicking on the export icon at the bottom.

  • To Copy /delete Vouchers, select the checkbox of the Voucher and click on copy/delete icons at the end of the page. Deleting Vouchers can be restricted by giving rights to the users. Users who do not have the right to delete the Voucher cannot delete them. To know more read M1 settings.